HAUM004 - "Closest Things I Can Relate To"

by Much

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Released in February 2015.
An alternative pop of the hottest couple in Malang, Indonesia.


released February 14, 2014

Much are Aulia Anggia and Dandy Gilang as themselves.

All parts recorded at Dandy's House.
Except drums recorded at Osithok Studio, Malang.
Mixed and mastered also at Dandy's House

Released by Haum Entertainment (2015)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Life's Too Demanding And You're So Depending
Oh, you can find me on the old sheets
You won't like to know
'cause I'm all up to the old tricks
Too bored to show

I'd like to know what does it feel like
To be someone who take the aim
Rather be one who take the blame

Oh God, am I that defenseless?
Can I a second act a goddamn relentless?
Be love in the world of gray
Oh, why the world so gray?

In between you and me
A matter of curiousity
Finding answer keep you busy
While I'm still fighting my agony

Life's too demanding and you're so depending..
Track Name: Cringeworthy
I saw you on the corner of the room
But I was too shy to interact
I guess I'm bad at interaction

Tonight is all I got
You're closer to me than you ever been
Everyone made it to the first base
When all I got was hate
My joke unapropriate
No one would save me a space

I guess I'm bad at interaction
I guess I'm bad...

I wished the world would set me up
You and me accidentaly
I wished the world would make me up
I can't be who I used to be

I wished the world would set me up
To be not socially awkward
But it's just that people freaks me out
Keeping distance will only make it worse
The moment I stepped in
They're all be judging
I have no more choices left to be voiced

If I don't like you
I should be get over it
But I do like you
Track Name: Season Changed, Everybody's Leaving
It's raining leave
Branches broken
The wind has spoken

Season changed, everybody's leaving
You find out comfort is missing

And I've been waiting

Do I hate to get out
Or this room is all I got now
I've been wondering

Leave me with your unmade bed sheets
Left me hanging
Tonight I'll be hiding
No intention to seek
A better one, another places
I am stuck with this kind of familiar faces

I can get over it
I will try to get out
I'll be picking up the pieces
Wiped out all you traces
Track Name: Singled Out
And I wrote another song for you
I think it;s the best that I can do

I put jealous and anger in lyrical manner
It's a stressful effort you know
to simplify words
of a complex form of thoughts

I got million ways to say
That I just want you to stay here
Don't you ever leave me here

I guess I better get going
I don't want to sound
So desperately annoying

You know I know it's unpleasant
to carry the burden for so long

You touched my heart
You left a mark
You dig a hole I can't reach
Unless it's torned apart

Here is another song for you...
Track Name: Carried Away
I can't make you stay
Love's not a game to play
When you're winning you're not leaving
When you lose you throw everything away

I think I got carried away
Took me by the hand
Out of the world of gray
Oh, do I got carried away?
My feeling misled me
and think everything's okay
While it's not

Oh, I always thought that we had something
I got carried away but you won't stay
I always thought that
we're going somewhere
but you're clearly going after someone else

I wished I could see this coming early
because feeling is fragile and weak

When you light-hearted
You're the best you can be
When you're sad
You are the casualty
Track Name: Song to Put Me to Sleep
Sinking deep
to the ocean of my emphaty
I feel the light will be gone
In any minute from now

I feel honored I feel proud
I gave another chance, I forgot
But all you left me is nothing

Sinking deep
to the ocean of my emphaty
I feel the light will be gone

I'm starting to hate myself
Am I just an old book on the shelf?